ants in the kitchen

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen?

Worried about chasing ants? To have an ant-free kitchen we will help you by providing some tips & tricks. Naturally, ants frequently appear in our home at any time
Worried about chasing ants? To have an ant-free kitchen we will help you by providing some tips & tricks. Naturally, ants frequently appear in our home at any time

Worried about chasing ants? To have an ant-free kitchen we will help you by providing some tips & tricks. Naturally, ants frequently appear in our home at any time. But when they appear in your kitchen it will really be a big deal. During the rainy season or on a warmer day they usually make the way to our house. If they go through the surface then it will not be an unhygienic situation but it will be frustrating. If you really want to stamp out ants from your kitchen then follow our tried tricks.

Tricks of getting rid of ants in the kitchen

Among all the household activities it is also a daunting task. They can be the cause of a lot of food damage or wastage. There are 12,000 kinds of ants but all are not injurious for humans. It’s a really uncomfortable situation when they appear in our kitchen especially on hot summer days.

Observe the ants movements

First of all, we know that the characteristics of all ants are not the same. Their habit or activity can be different according to their community. According to the color & characteristics, the most likely ants in our house can be the pharaoh or pavement ants. Once you can identify them very well then it will be easy to take treatment of traps for them.

Find out the access point

Following the ants’ movement, you can easily find out the source of the entry place of ants. It can be the door sides, window sides, backside wolves of windows, cracks of walls or surface, damp places, or the accent light. If you really find a place from where they go inside & come back again, then follow that place properly. It can be the nest of ants.

Mark the ants’ nest & destroy it

When you finally get the trail of the ants then you can easily stop their appearance. But in some cases, it can be difficult to find out the nest of ants. With some poisons, you can spray the hill of the ants. On the other hand, you can use some ant baits in front of the nest if you are really not interested in killing them directly by fire.

Use traps to kill the whole colony

Sometimes it can be gloomy to find the exact location of ants that are coming out & where they go. So to eliminate this problem you can use some trap like homemade ant traps or Terro from any online shop. With some small size plastic containers, you can add 1 tablespoon borax powder. Then add ¼ cups of corn syrup. Keep this trap as close as the nest or the entry place.

kill the group of ants

As first as they get the trapped mixture they will bring this poison inside the nest for the youngsters & for their queen. By feeding this killing bait within a few days the colony will be banished. Make sure that there are no other food sources for them. Remove all sources instantly.

After killing these bags clean that place & seal that entry point permanently so that they come inside again. Do not forget to clean the remaining ants after eating the trap bait.

Use natural home remedies to kill the group of ants


Among all of the home remedies chalk is one to get rid of from ants. It contains calcium carbonate to stay away from ants’ hassle. You can spray some chalk powder at the entrance. To stop this bag’s entrance into your house or kitchen you can draw a line with the piece of chalk but make sure first it is not engaged with children’s playing area.


Any kind of bitter or sour type juice or smell keeps them away. So you can spray those places from where they enter into your kitchen or the lines they are going through. Mix some lemon juice with water & sweep frequently with that mixture. Then they will try to avoid these areas.


The working criteria of oranges also the same as lemon. So you can apply the same tricks for oranges. With some orange peels boil 1 cup of water. Spray with the paste at the entry point then you can also place those peels of oranges in your kitchen to keep them away. It will definitely work ants.

White vinegar

Ants do not like the smell of white vinegar. So you can add the same amount of water with white vinegar as a solution to shoo the ants. Mix a little amount of essential oil with a mixture of white vinegar & shake it properly. Just spray this solution every day at those pointed place. This will not kill the ants directly but definitely keep them away from these areas.


Salt is one of the daily uses of cooking ingredients among others. Easily available at every house. Just use plain table salt, not the rock salt. With some boiling water pour a large amount of salt & wait until it dissolves. After completing this step you can pour this warm water into a bottle to spray over the ants’ nest or the pathway of ants.

Keep kitchen sink dry & clean

After washing the dishes you should rinse thoroughly over the sink to clean the rest food particles & the smells of food. Those can attract the ants to come here. Sometimes you can be in a hurry to wash your dishes to leave the food particles. During this nighttime, the ant’s colony can come here &^ this will also make a spot on your sink also.

Check out the kitchen bin is not overflowing & tightly locked

We use our kitchen bin every day to store all unused or wastage foods & others. If the bin became overflow or the smell of the bin’s wastage came out it can also attract ants. You should turn off the inbox tightly to redirect the ant’s movement. Or the overflowing of the wastage will help the ants to find out their new food source. It will be better to clean your kitchen bin wastage every day instead of storing there two or three days.

Final thought:

Here we have highlighted all home remedies to get rid of ants. With some species & herbs, you can also create a paste. Black paper, Cayenne pepper, Bay leaves, Chili pepper, Cloves, Mint leaves, Basil leaves you can make a natural trap bait for ants. Without those you can also use the Coffee grounds, Boric acid to kill those ants.