How To Use Immersion Blender Without Splashing?

Fortunately, you have come to the right place to learn about this Immersion Blender. Read through the article to learn about all the essential parts of an immersion blender.  
Use Immersion Blender Without Splashing

As a cook, we all know the importance of the kitchen tool blender. We can make different delicious things with the help of a blender. Sauce, soup, pancakes, condiments, quick bread, protein shakes, milkshakes, dressing with so many items you can make with a perfect shape & size blender. Based on our requirements, there are different types of blender like hand mixture, immersion blender, single-serve blender, portable blender & more.  

Different types of blenders have other pros & cons. Before you decide to use any blender, you should also learn the use of it. Immersion Blender Without Splashing is also a different quality blender. If you are going to make the pancake batter, whipped cream, chunky salsa, eggs beating, Vinaigrette & dressings, or smooth, hard ingredients, then can use this blender. You may know the use of a handheld blender, but you may not know how to use your Immersion Blender Without Splashing. 

Fortunately, you have come to the right place to learn about this Immersion Blender. Read through the article to learn about all the essential parts of an immersion blender.  

How To Use Immersion Blender Without Splashing?

You can use this immersion blender for multi-purposes. Many of our friends & relatives have experienced a mess splashing with a mini blender. But in this content, I will explain the best possible blending steps without splashing. With this guideline, you can do so many cool things with your immersion blender. 


Traditionally mayonnaise making steps are faster than any other item. There are a lot of emergencies when you need to mix the ingredients finely to dispersal the tiny droplets. The emulsifying of oil, egg & vinegar with a whisk is a challenging task for the cook. To mix these additional precise amounts, your whisk can mop up all the ingredients. So, in that case, an immersion blender is the best option for you. Without any fussiness, you can make the mayo, bearnaise, hollandaise in a  minute. 

If you want to avoid the breaking of mayo, then you can add the first half teaspoon oil at a time. Once you add this correctly, then add the rest of the oil. This will give you a good result. Don’t stop the blending method while you are adding oil. You can take help to add the drip of oil from any family member as a cooking helper because you need to hold the blender & the bowl or the pot tightly.  


The sophistication of cold tomato soup is called Gazpacho. You can make this soup in the summertime with some starter of grill fishes, meats, or with snacks. Naturally, we make this recipe with some fresh tomatoes, sherry vinegar, cucumbers & olive oil with a pinch of salt. With the fresh-baked baguette, it will be an excellent refreshing cold soup. No confusion that it is an easy dish for everyone. You need to drop all your ingredients in a bowl now blend it. When you want to combine these ingredients with a hand blender, it can make some unpleasant splashing. Immersion blenders will solve this kind of problem. 

Soups & other liquids

When you want to blend soups or other liquids without splashing, you need to follow these steps for an immersion blender. 

Make sure that the size of the container is good enough or deep enough. When you mix the liquid, this will also come up halfway then the mixture. Though the blades & the motor of the immersion blender is less sharp than any other blender, so you need to be more careful. If the mixture is less or vortex when blinding, it will fling the soup straight up & will create a mess on the kitchen wall & the countertop. 

Before turning on the motor, you should submerge the head of your blender into the soup. Then you should start with a slow setting if you have this speed variation option. Hold the blender at the same place until you get the soup as blend as you want. Before removing the blender, turn off the motor.  

Creamy Queso

All love queso Dip just because of the well-known fact. Do you know the method of making this recipe? It’s a super easy method that you ever think about with the handheld immersion blender. Immersion will help you out with a perfect creamy crowd-pleaser queso dip. With some minimal list of ingredients like cheesy, bear, then sodium citrate for softness will be required. 

Though the process of dissolving sodium citrate is not so easy, you need to dissolve this in a liquid. Then add some cheese. Now you need to heat up & blend it until it looks creamy. The best tricky part is the right way of combining to make sure that till the end up, you don’t have any chunks floating on the sauce. 

Pancake Batter

Flour is one kind of gluten when you mix this powder with any liquid mixture. To make your pancakes, make sure that you are not developing the gluten of this mixture. Or the pancakes will be more rubbery & chewy to manage. For this purpose, an immersion blender will be the best option to make it quickly pancake butter. You can use the variable speed setting immersion blender to avoid over mixing. 

When the combination of wet & dry ingredients is perfect, slow down the speed until making the better combination of it. Use a spoon to avoid over mixing when it is in a finishing end. 

Follow these necessary steps to have full control of your immersion blender. 

  • The perfect size of the container
  • Right-hand movement for blending
  • The depth of the bowl should be deep enough. 
  • Stick holding angle 
  • No vortex motion to avoid rotating whirl
  • The diameter of the jar with more width. 
  • Proper control on blending speed
  • An accessory like the lid

Final thought

After reading our guide, I hope you will be able to use your immersion blender without splashing for the perfect recipe. We have so many guidelines as you need to solve your kitchen issues. So to learn more guidelines, you can visit our home page of to let you know more home or kitchen-related tips & tricks. If you don’t find the requested content in that place, then you can directly contact us to get an instant response.