How to Organize a Kitchen Pegboard

How to Organize a Kitchen Pegboard

Searching for kitchen Pegboard organizing ideas? Then you are in the right place. In our kitchen, every day, we need to use many kinds of hand tools.
Searching for kitchen Pegboard organizing ideas? Then you are in the right place. In our kitchen, every day, we need to use many kinds of hand tools.

Are you searching for kitchen Pegboard organizing ideas? Then you are in the right place. In our kitchen, every day, we need to use many kinds of hand tools. A disorganized kitchen without a pegboard is tuff to manage appropriately. First of all, it will kill your valuable time and give you a disorganized kitchen look. To have easy accessible & toussy tools & to set them in the right place, you should use a kitchen pegboard. Never dig with a toolbox to get an exact size. Better you can use a hex wrench.

To get support with various items, we use this pegboard. This pegboard is made of wood, metal, hardboard, or other materials. To organize a pegboard is to decorate your kitchen and free up your kitchen spaces. This content will inspire you to manage, and you can easily create that space by adding screws or frames.

Types of Kitchen Pegboard

Before organizing your kitchen pegboard, you should know about different types of pegboard depending on the tools you use in your kitchen. This will shorten the time delay to manage any work. Other kinds of pegboards are suitable for different kitchen accessories. To make a perfect matching pegboard, you should learn about different pegboard formats.

  • Wall-mounted pegboard
  • FTW shelves Pegboard
  • Miscellaneous stuff pegboard
  • Cabinet pegboard
  • Spice rack pegboard
  • Toolbox pegboard

How to Organize a Kitchen Pegboard

Depending on your kitchen space, size layout, or color frame, you can organize your kitchen differently. Follow these ways to increase the inspiration level to decorate your kitchen pegboard.

Pegboard Specs

To buy the pegboard for your kitchen, you will get two types of thickness & holes size are available. The thickness will be ⅛ or ¼ diameter. And the hole size will be 3/16 or ¼. So make sure that which length & hole shape can fill the demand of kitchen hand tools. To arrange a small project in the kitchen, you can organize with a small size pegboard. If it is a large project, you should arrange the large size pegboard with the diameter of a large hole.

Make it holds more

Suppose your kitchen has many tiny size tools or instruments that are not appropriate to hang with your pegboard. Then you can add some extra hangers to store them in a place. As an example, your kitchen may have a fork or brush type cleaning or helping materials. So to keep them in a place, you can use a PVC pipe along with your pegboard. With the help of some extra hocks, you can hang the PVC pine & can store the shiny little things, pencils, toothpick, zip ties, brush, or others inside it.

Artful pegboard

With your creativity, you can create an eye-catching pegboard for the neighbor. With the decorating color, shape, and layout, you can make it more attractive. Then store your instruments according to the constitution, color & size. You can most prominently apply this trick for your living room or dining room or bedroom with different items. It is not mandatory that you have to put your kitchen instruments on the pegboard. You can also decorate the kitchen with pegboard. Using other stands, you can store small size orchids or photo frames there.

Organized with sorts of accessories

To manage a pegboard, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. But your kitchen may have plenty of expensive short tools or cooking instruments. To use your expensive accessories manually, you should store them in a well-organized way. So select a standard pegboard with the right dimension to cover all your tools.

Lock Pegboard Hooks

Sometimes it happens, when you want to take some tools from the pegboard, the hocks are also removed or fallen from the board. It not only kills your time but also can make a nasty situation in your kitchen. So, to fix this problem, you should have access to the pegboard backside. Then you can screw the opposite site of the hooks or install the zip ties. However, the zip ties are a little bit more expensive than any melted glue or rubber. So you can use melted glue or rubber or other materials to fix these issues. If you use the hot melted glue, then you can remove it with a light tug.

Custom Shelving

A standard pegboard can customize all your tools in a place. But if you have some fantastic stuff to place in a place, then you can customize the board based on your demand. You can create homemade L-hooks for slide shelves. You can use plywood board shelves to have your customizable pegboard. This will allow you to get access to the back & forth of the frames. So you can easily fit the board bracelets into holes.

Dress It Up

As a color-conscious kitchen owner, you may not like the color of the pegboard. The maximum time we can see the boring white or light brown color pegboard. So you can roll that with a glossy or semi-gloss primer. Coating with the light color, but be careful that you are not covering the holes. Then it would help if you made it out again. Snazz with a design frame will give you a different look like a wall made. If it is a corner base pegboard, you can use a melted glue with glitter that is not as fancy as other materials. But it could give you a fancy look.

Make a coffee station.

You can make your kitchen corner like a mini espresso bar with the help of a pegboard instead of countertop space. Just follow a wall-mounted pegboard to hook all the instruments you need to make this item. This hooks & floating shelf will give a different attractive look.

Make a colorful & pretty display.

A pegboard can be a pretty colorful display in the kitchen to relax your mind. To hang different colored neon lights, you can use other color effects on the pegboard. A little color will cover a wide area of pegboard. Like a bright green color with blue pegboard. If it could be a friendly, welcoming workstation, then it will be a source of pleasure—the coordinating desk set up with your pale pink pegboard, with the purple workspace.

Pegboard Cubbyholes

There is a technique to store your all lean tools in a place, or you want to store shop accessories, then you can apply these tricks. Please take a short piece of PVC pipe and make a slide piece from it. Keep them over the pegboards hooks. Now load them with skinny things like hacksaw blades, Zip ties, files, and others. It is not too hard to complete this task in an afternoon.

Pegboard Shelves

If you need to keep more tools with a pegboard, then you can add more shelves or extra chambers to store them. This is a slick way to store all clusters of tiny tools. You can add a slot of rubber bits. These will add some extra pages like the chamber. Make sure that the shelves are tight enough to your board. Or it will never be able to bear all your tools at a time. This will look like a mini wide shelf to add more slider things.

Final verdict

Decorating a space can give a different look & working inspiration with a new mood. When it comes to kitchen decorating or pegboard decorating, you need to think about it. To make the right decision or to apply the best way, you need to spend some time. But this is not a waste of your time. It will help you to save your future time to manage any kitchen work. We have posted a lot of kitchen solutions on our kitchenvaly website.  Stay with us and know more…