Clean Microwave With Vinegar

How To Clean Microwave With Vinegar

Cleaning the microwave with apple cider vinegar is an easy cleaning method. But you should arrange these listed things before starting the cleaning process.
Cleaning the microwave with apple cider vinegar is an easy cleaning method. But you should arrange these listed things before starting the cleaning process.

Cleaning the microwave is one of the tedious tasks among all other kitchen works. Without a regular basis cleaning process, getting accurate food tastes is impossible. Though the microwave will not turn into a disaster within the night, the food splatters can make a great mess overnight. Can be responsible for a storehouse of junk & will be cumbersome to clean the day after use.

So you need to know the instant cleaning method. Cleaning the microwave with vinegar is the easiest way. This solution will give you the same sparkle as the first time using. With this vinegar microwave explosion, clean your microwave with little effort. As a microwave cleaning hack, you can apply the natural microwave cleaning product or vinegar with steam.

Things you need:-

Cleaning the microwave with apple cider vinegar is an easy cleaning method. But you should arrange these listed things before starting the cleaning process.

  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Toothpick or stir stick
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Toothpick
  • Water

Cleaning Process of Microwave with Vinegar:-

A scenario: when you have turned on the microwave to make a coffee, suddenly you are getting busy with your pet dog or the children. Or you are scrolling on the social media site. You already forget about your microwave. When you go there, it’s already a hot mess with grease splatter or the blobs of your coffee.

Clean Microwave With Vinegar

Don’t worry. You can solve this issue when enjoying the morning Tea. It is just about a 10 minutes processing method. A vinegar microwave cleaner is a flexible solution for all. And it is more affordable to all. Follow this content to get the instant microwave cleaning pouch.

Temperature of Cleaning Times

Grip a microwave protected bowl and saturate the halfway with water. Add 2 or 3 tablespoon vinegar into it. You can use apple cider vinegar. Now put the bowl in your microwave. Raise the heating power high of the microwave. It may take 3 to 4 minutes for proper boiling. Time can vary depending on the power supply capacity of your microwave. For better info, you can check the sticker of wattage, like the below list.

1,200 watts = 1 1/2 minutes

1,000 watts = 2 minutes

800 watts = 2 1/2 minutes

700 watts = 3 minutes

600 watts = 4 minutes

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Water & Vinegar Mixture

Depending on the mess of your microwave you should take the amount of water & vinegar in a bowl. But the mixture of water & vinegar ratio should be half water & half vinegar for better response. As per your requirement, you can take a bowl or a ceramic cup. But keep in mind that the bowl of the cup should be woven heatproof. Otherways, it can be dissolved inside the avoid this possibility of an unwanted accident.

Heat up for 5 minutes.

Take the mixture & keep inside the microwave with a high temperature. It can take 3 to 5 minutes to boil this liquid solution. Different capacity microwaves can take different times. But the maximum time should be 5 or 6 minutes. You can follow the voltage list on the upper side of the display. Or can check the above point instead of searching here & there.

Leave it for 2 or 3 minutes.

Attention, please. Do not open the door of your microwave. Leave the boiled steam vinegar inside the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. It will help to lose the inside food gunk easily. So you don’t need to apply more pressure for stain removing. The vapour of the vinegar solution plays an important role in losing any stain from the silver or still body. After opening the door of the microwave, the mixture will be cool very fast.

Removing the bowl

A wrong step can hamper you physically. Because the bowl will be too hot to take out from the microwave, turn off the switch then the main power supply line of the microwave. Though the measuring cup or the bowl will remain hot, carefully remove from the microwave. If you have the turntable, then lift it out systematically. You can use a wooden handle or spoon to take it back.

Using a sponge for wipe

Now the time for cleaning the microwave with a piece of soft & clean sponge. Start wiping with this sponge and go through side by side, upper & lower portion of the inside. Make sure you didn’t leave a single space without being whipped. Even don’t forget to wipe the door’s inner side. For the corner side, you can use a soft toothbrush. It will be more flexible to reach the corner joint portion.

Wipe your turntable

For better cleaning results, you should take out the turntable carefully. Wipe down properly & take it back at the perfect place.

Using the dish towel

To complete the final step of your cleaning, wipe down with a dish cleaning soft towel. Wipe down the whole sides with that towel like – the door inner & external side, ceiling, turntable, inner sides & external surfaces. Don’t skip the keypad portion. After every use, it also gets dirt with dirty touchy hands. Finally, you can do it with the damp cloth along with warm & soapy water. To get extra freshness, you can apply the lemon juice mixture.

If you find that the microwave has connected with a lot of remnants, use lemon juice with a mixture of vinegar. Never let the stain sit for too long. This will destroy the microwave shininess. In this way, you can get the niff of food splatters. To notice the odour, you should be more sensitive. Cleanness has its own freshness & smell. Which will give you the test of working well with that appliance?

N:B: you can use the rag or a paper towel to take out the gunk flexibly with a few swipes.

Final thought

A cook can easily consider this cleaning method as a magical oven cleaner recipe, just because of its instant cleaning actions. Cleaning with Vinegar & Steam may take 5 minutes for additional works. So the total time requirement can be 10 minutes. Most importantly, you need a little amount of equipment & cleaning material. Then you also need a very few times to finish this cleaning with an effective result. Do not be thrilled about microwave cleaning after a messy condition. Follow our guidelines & let us know if you have more questions.