How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

No doubt that kitchen cabinets are the focal points of maximum kitchens. So ultimately when it will get dirty people will notice very soon. In our kitchen,
How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

No doubt that kitchen cabinets are the focal points of maximum kitchens. So ultimately when it will get dirty people will notice very soon. In our kitchen, we would like to clean our surface or dishes & other metal things after daily uses. Don’t you think that you need to clean the cabinets area regularly? Off course. 

After completing everyday cooking you can find that the external cabinet area feeling wet or sweating on the outside area of cabinets. Just because of cooking gas it happens. You can find some droplets in the outside area. So we should take proper attention regularly. For proper care, we can make a schedule.

You Will Need:-

Make these supplies available at your hand when you are going to clean your cabinet interior or exterior for weekly cleaning or deep seasonal cleaning.

  • Clean cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Glass cleaner (if needed)
  • Cleaning spray for all purposes
  • Grease cutting soap
  • Orange cleaning oil (if needed)
  • Crevice attach vacuum & liquid mild dishwashing for deep cleaning

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Schedule

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to clean our kitchen cabinet every day. So you can divide this cleaning method into two parts.


After completing all our regular tasks it is a little bit difficult to clean our cabinets regularly. This will also kill our time & energy. So to save time you can clean your cabinet interior or exterior side weekly two times. Though regular cleaning will keep your furniture much better but its a daunting task for maximum house members.

For spot treatment, you can wipe down the cabinets doors & others. Use a multi-purpose spray on a soft microfiber cloth to clean unwanted marks, splatters, fingerprints, or others. Keep in mind that the hardware should not be infected by the floating of spray.


Every furniture should apply a deep cleaning method to hove a long-lasting shining service. You can apply this deep cleaning method three or four times a year. Though it will take more time to complete all steps, you should do this to keep all parts of your cabinets well enough.

To make this happen you need to empty your cabinets inside contents. Dub with a piece of microfiber cloth by applying a mild cleaner on it. Wipe down all over the shelves inside, outside, doors & handle of the cabinets. For best corner treatment a toothbrush is the best instrument to use. The head of a toothbrush is easily accessible at any small space. Then let it dry to restore all contents again.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

For storing all our daily ingredients & other kitchen instruments we need to use cabinets every day. When you touch the cabinet doors to open or another place with dirty working hands then it gets dirty also. Here you can find different kinds of spots like fingerprints, grease spots, splatters spots & others. Look down to get rid of those unwanted spots.

Food Splatters

In the kitchen, we naturally work on different cooking ingredients like spices, vegetables, oil, or others. Food splatters landed on the wrong place can make a spot on it. At the countertop or on the base of the cabinets it can spill trickled down.

Food Splatters

To make the cleaning task easy we should wipe up the messes of food as soon as possible before using the baking soda. For porous type materials, you should not leave a single chance to set in. with a piece of damp cloth wipe up this as first as you notice these food splatters. Then you should apply baking soda with water on that spot. Leave it for a few minutes to be loose then wipe away with a clean cloth & polish again.


Among all cleaning steps, it is difficult to clean the prone area of cabinets just in front of the cooking range. Grease stain is something like an oil-based fingerprint. Diluted vinegar is the best solution to remove this kind of will take more time for being removed properly. The greasy portion is larger than any fingerprints or other spots.

So you need to redo this method for maximum time to get rid of it properly. Grease cutting soap with hot water can be used with a nylon pad to attract the greases from cabinets.


When you are cooking your hands will be oily. This is very normal, isn’t it? These oily fingers can leave a mark on your cabinets also while you are opening the doors of your kitchen cabinets or storing some ingredients inside it. No need to be upset. It happens through our daily uses of things. Vinegar is a helpful solution to this problem.

Mix a little amount of vinegar with water-based on a 50-50 method. Damp a cloth in that mixture of vinegar then applies on the prints. The tricks of using ingredients can be different based on the type of cabinet materials. Painted, wooden, Laminate, or glass cabinets can also be can also follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide. But vinegar treatment with polishing can be common for every type.

Water stains

Hard grimy water stains can be found on the cabinets. For extreme level water stains you can make a solution with warm water & vinegar. Add some drops of dishwasher into that mixture. Now pour this mixture into a spray jar. Then shake it properly & spray on that spot to remove with a soft cotton cloth.

If the water stains became harder on the hardware of your cabinets then you should wait a minute to remove the spray. Then wipe up & polish with a microfiber cloth. You can use distilled water to remove the water stain when you want to clean your cabinet.


Naturally, the scruff on your cabinet can be created by rubbing or erasing any mark with some kinds of hardy materials. On a white color cabinet, it can be highlighted. With a soft gentle eraser, you can rub the mark. Now wipe away with a clean cloth.

Final Thought

In this article, we have focused on the basic steps of cleaning your kitchen cabinet. If you have a painted cabinet then you can maintain these with a friendly budget. You can remodel it or can apply our cabinet cleaning tricks. For a wooden cabinet, you can use the Murphy Oil Soap to get back the shining again. Too much liquid saturation can damage your furniture. For Laminate Cabinets multi cleaning spray is the best. And you can also use the glass cleaner for glass cabinets.