Rice Flour Without a Blender

How to Make Rice Flour Without a Blender

We use rice flour in many types of occasional celebrations. You can produce rice powder by steeping the rice in lye.
We use rice flour in many types of occasional celebrations. You can produce rice powder by steeping the rice in lye.

Rice flour or rice powder is the form of milled rice. We can refer to rice flour as the substitute for wheat flour. To make gluten-free rice flour or powder you can use any type of rice. Make sure that the rice is not cooked. Rice grain is the only ingredient to get rice powder. Choose raw rice grain. To get gluten-free rice powder you can use Blender, Coffee Grinder, or Grain Mill. That will be more effective & save your time. 

When you have decided to save your money or you need a small amount of rice powder then you can try the DIY rice flour. Making the rice flour in a little amount will kill some extra time while you will try to do it through any tools other than your hand. Because it is easy to make rice powder at home. But you need to pressurize your hand when you want to make out a finishing rice powder. 

You can select white rice or brown rice to make this powder. But the brown rice contains the rice husk after completing the milling process. Husk fiber is an amazing source of vitamins & minerals. That can be compared with calcium & zink. 

Purposes of Using Rice Flour

According to our tradition, we use rice flour in many types of occasional celebrations. You can produce rice powder by steeping the rice in lye. It’s a source of high nutrients & vitamin B. In India, this flour is accessible everywhere & they also use it to make so many delicious recipes. Not only India but also so many countries use rice powder for delicious homemade dishes along with the children’s food items. Here we would like to mention some delicious homemade food recipes made with Rice Flour. 

  • Rice Flour Pancakes
  • Biscuits
  • Pound Cakes
  • Chirps Cookies with chocolate
  • Masala Roti
  • Rice flour Dosa
  • PU Klein
  • Pasta – Gluten-free
  • Cheese  hearts
  • Ari Pathiri
  • Pattolio
  • Modak
  • Ajwaini Chakli and many more. 

How to make rice flour without a blender

It’s a simple solution to have a gluten-free rice powder at home. We can produce this powder by using a different electric grinder or blender machine or through a rice mill. But sometimes it can be expensive due to the far distance or for expensive tools. So to save money & using some home appliances you can easily produce rice flour. 

Select your preferable rice grain

First of all, you need to select the rice grain, which one would you like to grind. White rice or brown rice there you will get two options. Brown rice is one kind of boiled or steam rice. It will take comparatively extra time to be wet smoothly. On the other hand, white rice is comparatively softer than brown rice. It is not produced by taking any steam procedure. So this will take less time to be wet. 

Make it husk free

Rice grain came from cover bran. To remove the cover of the rice grain, the farmers or the rice producer use different husks or bran removing machines. While you will select the unpacked rice, you need to clean the rice again. That may have some husk or barn grind with the rice grain. It may hamper your grinding process & get a gluten-free rice powder. Take a plain cane plate to sweep the rice grain to remove the husk or bran from the grain with the help of air. 

Using Rice Flour

Clean the rice grain with water

Now it’s time to clean your rice grain clean with pure water. Take a bowl or pot to pour the rice grain into it then pour some water to wash it to remove the loose dust from it. When you will choose a packet of rice grain, you don’t need to do these husk removing or washing with water. You can use water to make the rice grain wet only. 

Keep wet for a minimum hour

After washing the rice grain with water, you need to leave the wet rice grain for an hour. If it is steam rice, Soak the rice in water for 30 to 40 minutes. It will help you to blend the rice easily with less effort. While it is white rice, you don’t need to soak it in water for some time. Because it will be soft enough after washing with pure water. So you don’t need to leave in the soak condition for some moments. 

Let it dry

When you feel that it’s soft enough to blend manually, you can pour out the water from the rice grain. Use a strainer to make it water-free. Then leave it sometimes to make sure the rice grain is dry enough to blend with your stone blender or sambal belacan. If the rice grain is not much free of water then you will never get the breezy powder. It will be something like rice paste. Take the rice grain on your hand & check it is water-free & dry to start blending. 

Use a grindstone or sambal belacan to produce the powder

Though you are not interested in using an electric blender you can use a different shape & size grindstone or sambal belacan. You can manually use these natural blenders. Here you have some benefits of using these kinds of blenders. These are less costly & to create a little amount of rice powder you can use these blenders. 

When you need to blend rice grain regularly to make roti or other food recipes, at that time it will be better to use an electronic rice blender or Coffee grinder. Natural grindstone or sambal belacan needs more physical pressure to produce fine rice flour. Regular effort to produce rice powder by using the grindstone or sambal belacan is not an easy task. It will ultimately kill more time than the regular blender along with energy level. 

Use a fine strainer

Finally, you need to use a fine strainer to separate the semolina of rice powder. Or it will disturb you while you will like to use rice powder to make roti or variety cakes. So it’s an important part of using a strainer that has enough micro holes to separate the rice powder & semolina from it. 

Final thought

However, here we have given you all the details of producing rice flour from rice grain manually at home. But if you need regular rice powder or rice flour for making everyday snacks or others then we would like to recommend you to use different quality electronic blenders. While you need a little amount of rice flour instead of a huge amount, you can follow this method to get instant rice flour at home. If you need more info about this method then contact us without any hesitation.