Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

Once the cockroaches make their own homeland at your house, it's difficult to kick them out. Day by day, they will expand their reign widely. They will damage the storage books, important documents, snacks, clothes, & other electronics
Once the cockroaches make their own homeland at your house, it's difficult to kick them out. Day by day, they will expand their reign widely. They will damage the storage books, important documents, snacks, clothes, & other electronics

Once the cockroaches make their own homeland at your house, it’s difficult to kick them out. Day by day, they will expand their reign widely. They will damage the storage books, important documents, snacks, clothes, & other electronics. At the early time, you can deny the presence of these annoying cockroaches. After the time being, they will create a complicated situation. Live in peace will definitely be destroyed.

You may know that unclean houses or places are the storehouses or the attractive source to the cockroaches. The massive situation caused by cockroaches’ activities means you are not active enough in cleaning your home or kitchen. It can create a bad impression of your house to the neighbor or the relatives. And most importantly, the cockroaches are experts at spreading junk or dirt. T6o reduce or to avoid unwanted visitors like cockroaches, should apply the below instructions.

Things That Attracts Cockroaches

Pests like cockroaches, ants, termites, or rodents are always searching for food & water sources. They like to find out their left unprotected food source on their own. So to control the walking way of cockroaches, you should know these facts.

  • Dirty dishes
  • Crumbs
  • Garbage
  • Opened Pet food
  • Excess moisture
  • Leftover food
  • Open container food

Next, you need to know the ways how they can enter the room or the kitchen cabinets. The ants or the cockroaches just need a little space to make their way. It can be entered by the water pipe’s holes or the ventilation, hitching items, wall or the cabinets cracks, or other ways. So you need to know the sources of their food & entry pathway to get rid of this problem.

Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

If you don’t have an infestation of cockroaches, you can’t feel the annoying situation after a late night. Cockroaches start, or other insects start their activities more actively late at night than day. In the morning you can be astonished by the activities of these little annoying insects. When it comes to the time of kitchen cabinets, nothing is different from your kitchen room.

Make it Empty

Make the cabinet boxes empty. Storage food items are the best source for the roaches. For proper cleaning, empty the cabinet boxes. Collect the food splatters or the grease or stains of food. Take out the food leftover. Thoroughly do it to secure the cabinets from cockroaches annoying things.

Clean Cabinet Appliances

Here the second step you need to take is cleaning the cabinet appliances one by one. In that case, you can take out all the tools or the containers storage inside the cabinets boxes. Then wash with a soft clean cloth or sponge or the brush according to the container design & type. Use soapy water to clean the container’s external side. If you feel that the container has a grimy attachment on the outer portion, apply warm water with detergent or soap.

Clean the food spills or the grease from the behind or the underneath of your appliances. Cockroaches like to find the targeted places by the smell or the outside attached food splatter. Never give this chance to make this happen. So clean all the containers or other things stored inside the cabinets.

Remove all Trash

If you have the removable cabinet box then you can remove all the kitchen cabinets. Put all the drawers against the floor. You can spread out any mat or paper to avoid trash spreading on the kitchen floor. The cockroaches like to live in the dust or the dirty trash. So clean those properly. You can use gloves to avoid dirty cockroaches shits.

Use Sealed Container

Somehow you can think that the container inside the cabinets doesn’t need proper tight sealing. But it can be the main reason to attract cockroaches. If you have any loose food packages in the cabinets or the plastic bag container for rotten food items. You can store them in an airtight container or a still or metal container.

Limit Food Consumption based on Room Space

Try to store all the food items in a place. It can be the cabinets or the dining room food box, or the other food container. This will be easy to secure your food items in a short activity. Suppose you have stored all the food items in the food box in your kitchen. So the targeted place for the cockroaches will be the food box & the connected area of it. Just need to take cleaning action of the food box./ not the cabinets or the other places. So this trick can keep the cleaning method in short.

Clean Before Bed Every Night

When you feel sleepy, go to bed, skipping the kitchen or cabinets cleaning steps. Make it a regular habit to clean the remaining food splatters or other greases from the kitchen area. It will help to have the kitchen teddy look with morning freshness. If you complete this action before going to bed, cockroaches didn’t get any food source to live. So it will leave the places or change the direction of this pathway.

Frequently Floor Mopping

After doing everyday kitchen work, the kitchen floor can be dirty. So the cockroaches will come to lick the test of the food from the surface of your kitchen floor. To avoid this interaction, you have to mop the kitchen floor after every use. Then the leftover food or the grease of other cooked food will be removed from the floor. And finally, the cockroaches will not get any food for them.

Cover the Pet Food Container Tightly

You may keep the pet’s food dish or the container in an open place or without coverage. But we should not do this. Make a schedule for your pet feeding. This routine makes them habitual. So it will be easy to keep the pet food item in a sealed or covered container after their eating time.

Sealed the Hiding Places

From a little space, the cockroaches can enter into the cabinets. So you should find out the narrow spaces. Sealed all possible spaces. Destroy all possible hidden places of cockroaches. Seal the incoming or the outgoing pathway with the cabinets.

Use Commercial Cockroach Baits.

If you feel so much nuisance, use the commercial baits to kill the cockroaches. Before applying these baits, make sure no regular food is remaining open. After eating these baits, the cockroaches will run away here & there. I will find a safe place. So they will madly go through here & there. You can apply this bait two or three times a week.

Use Homemade Cockroach Baits

Most of the cockroaches killing baits are not working properly. It just makes them ill & after a moment, they will again get back in the right position. To skip this risk, you can make a homemade insect-killing bait. Take a part of non-granular boric powder or boric acid. Add some white flour. Add a little amount of white sugar. Sugar & flour will attract the roaches & the boric acid will kill them.

Using Insecticides Spray

If you think that the killing bait or the homemade bait is risky, use the Insecticides spray. It’s easy to use & clean. Apply after completing all the home activities. Then find the cockroaches in a crowded place & spray on them. You can also spray on those places where the roaches like to come to test the food. Or for their procession. Applying the spray is a little bit expensive & rare to find in the nearest Grocery store.

Apply soap & water Solution

Using the soap & water on the cockroaches crowded spot is a good trick. Soap water is not easy to tolerate. But it’s an easy process to kill them. No need to visit the Grocery store. All the ingredients are near to hand. Just make a solution & spray on them. Most importantly, it’s very cheap in price.

Apply Traps

Instead of applying different killing baits or the spray, you can use a skilled trap. It can be stored in a trap, using the water jar or bucket or the soda bottle trap. These all are very efficient in killing the roaches overnight. In the early morning, you can see the live result of your tricks or traps. Store in traps is comparatively less risky than other tricks.

Final thought

A clean house makes us feel good. It can remove the negative energy from your house. And the most important thing is a neat & clean house is not a suitable place for cockroaches. To secure your family members’ hygiene and get a positive impression, we should take regular cleaning steps. Among those cleaning steps, kitchen or kitchen cabinets cleaning is the most important part to avoid cockroaches mess.