What is a Kiridashi Knife Used For?

What is a Kiridashi Knife Used For?

Literally, the meaning of Kiridashi is “To Carve” according to the Japanese language. In English, the meaning is “Pointed Knife”. It was the chief participant for crafting wood. But gradually, the school-going kids of Japan use the knife to cut the bamboo, paper and require materials for their Art assignment. Though the size is a little bit smaller than the regular knife, so they can keep the knife inside the pencil box. So it was an integral part of the writing instruments set. Adults have also used this knife for pruning the bonsai and whittling tasks. Out of the box, it is an all purposes knife for its versatile shape, durability & sharpness.

What is a Kiridashi Knife?

You can compare the Kiridashi Knife for all purposes utility knife. Especially for bamboo crafting & woodworks. It is a hybrid Japanese design traditional knife. Good enough to carry anywhere & more flexible while caring in your pocket. Kiridashi Knife can reveal any tremendous punishment. This knife comes from a very steel material with a life long, durable feature. For having a safe storage purpose you will have a leather sheath & lanyard.

Kiridashi Knife

Though it is small in size, due to the manufacturing materials, you can enjoy a durable service and take and keep anywhere while visiting globally. If you want, you can use this knife like a chef knife, Crafting knife, Karatel knife, or others. The shape or the sharpness will also help you to use this knife as a survival knife.

Top Rated Kiridashi Knives on Amazon

According to the high demand of the users, we have selected the top-listed name of Kiridashi knife. Those are available on Amazon to buy. Let’s have a look to buy your desire one.

  • Right Hand/Wood Carving Japanese Kiridashi Knife
  • Kakuri Japanese Kiridashi Carving Knife
  • Yoshiharu Hamono Japanese Kiridashi Brass Knife Penanto
  • Kiridashi Knife Right Hand 24mm Made in Japan
  • WAKASHISHI Kiridashi Craft KNIFE 175mm
  • Kiridashi Knife,”Bi no Kawa” Handmade by Japanese Craftsman
  • Cold Steel Mini Tac Series Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

Use of Kiridashi Knife

You can do almost any task you want to make with a regular knife. This is the speciality of this Japanese knife. Very steel material with a variety of shapes, durability, and sharpness will help you do the following tasks.

  • Usual cutting
  • Multi grips usable
  • Supporting in multiple grips
  • Aiding in survival (making feather sticks)
  • Defending yourself in adverse situations
  • Deburring and drilling holes
  • Gardening
  • Removing splinters
  • Chiselling woos
  • Survival tool
  • Etching wood
  • Opening boxes
  • Prying (slight) in a pinch
  • Grafting
  • Cutting cords and zip ties
  • Ripping seams
  • Assisting as a tactical belt

You can carry this compact knife anywhere for your protection. You can place your thumb on a suitable place for leverage. Moreover, you can use this kiridashi knife as a Kubaton to protect yourself. According to so many user reviews, this knife is the best knife as a pocket knife for the smaller size & other features. You can keep with you for a long duration without taking any treatment.

If you use this knife on so many daily ruff activities and store the knife cleaning with a dry cloth, it will be enough. For proper treatment, you can apply the oil treatment to get a lifelong service. That is not mandatory to keep this knife sharp for a long time. It is only possible for very nice steel material. In an emergency, you can easily sharpen your knife from outdoor places or at home.

The blade has multiple grips for shaping different structures like reduce corner sharpness, finishing up and others are possible by using this blade. Most importantly, the carpenters can apply this knife for creating different shapes by wooden pieces. Also able to create holes on the wooden or hard pieces. The vertical shape blade will help you to remove splinters, Zip ties, ripping, prying, drilling holes & others. To get the best selling performance, the controlling power & the tip with reverse grip come to pull cut. So you can easily enjoy the full grip service with this kiridashi knife features.

Final Verdict

kiridashi knife is famous for traditional Japanese technology. They had made this knife according to their own traditional ways. From the cutting & crafting the wooden stuff & will support you like the best survival tool without wasting more energy. The super-smooth & accurate cuts due to the sharpness of it. Save time to perform works through it. You can choose the best one according to the flexibility of the Left Hand or Right Hand. Have a few cosmetic problems due to water stains. Sharpen your blade based on the single edge or double edge.

So if you want a gentle heart knife with a traditional method of manufacturing, then you can select this kiridashi knife. But make sure you are using the right knife. Or this knife can harm you or the others for displacing or wrong selection. Make sure you are going to buy the right knife not only for the product quality but also for your requirements.