How To Make Your Dish Soap [DIY Dish Soap]

Sometimes we want to use homemade dish soap to avoid harmful chemical effects & to save money. It's very easy to make dish soap. With some few ingredients & steps, you can make this.
How To Make Your Dish Soap [DIY Dish Soap]

Sometimes we want to use homemade dish soap to avoid harmful chemical effects & to save money. It’s very easy to make dish soap. With some few ingredients & steps, you can make this. Worried about different chemicals & toxins of different products? Then homemade dish soap is the best way to avoid this type of problem. This method is only for hand washing dishes, not for your dishwasher.

As a real food lover, I always like to enjoy lovely food recipes. Mose food recipes leave dirtier, used dishes. Making or trying the latest food item is the sign of a food lover. But only to avoid the risk of dishwashing hassle, we can’t skip it. So the better way is to create your own DIY homemade dish soap. At the very fastest, you will get many comments if you make any mistake to make this DIY. But it would help if you did not give up. With our instruction, you can easily create your dish soap accurately.

Make Your Dish Soap

Important Note for Water-type

You may follow in the comment section that some are very happy by using this recipe & some of our customers are not happy with this homemade soap. Now the question is why they are sad. We have found a little bit of change from some of our surveys, depending on the different locations’ water type. So you should also check out the softness, hardness, Phor others of your water.

So to confirm, you can make two or three batch soap recipes. Then experience with the area you live in—different batch with different amounts of ingredients. If the water you are using has many iron chemicals, you should make an extra batch. Or the water you are using is good enough; then you can use the same amount of ingredients. Making homemade soap or dishwashers is a big issue that we naturally forget to check.


  • Boiling water – 1 1/2 cups
  • Bronner’s bar soap, tightly-packed* – 1/4 cup grated
  • Non-GMO-glycerin – 1/2 teaspoon
  • 15-40 drops of essential oil
  • Liquid castile soap – 1/4 cup
  • One tablespoon super- washing soda (adjust for desired thickness)**

How To Make Own Dish Soap

To make your DIY dish soap follow these instructions step by step –

Step – 1

First of all, you need to take the amount of water in a bowl of pan & keep it on a heating stove or gas. Keep the heat level on medium or high all the time. Take bar soap and make it grated to dissolve it in hot water. Stir the grated soap until it dissolved properly.

Step – 2

Keep following until the bar is dissolved, then take aside the pot from heat. Now you need to pour this mixture into a wide mouth container with a pump dispenser. The wide mouth will allow you to mix & stir the ingredients.

Step – 3

The next step is to add 2 ¼ teaspoons super dishwashing soda, liquid castile soap, and glycerine. Stir thoroughly to mix the mixture properly.

Step – 4

Now we should let it sit for 24 hours with occasional stirring to check the soap mixture consistency. One thing you should remember, the mixture will thicken over time. So if you find that the cross is a little bit runny, then no need to worry about it. It will be completely okay for the next time. To make it thicker, you can warm it on the heat & stir gradually until getting the exact thickness.

But I will recommend you to let it do like a runny condition because, at the final stage, it will become thicker & more robust than the present situation. To have a runny condition add 3 or 4 teaspoons washing soda & stir again on heat. To get an exact condition as you want, you can repeat this process more times.

The maximum time we find the mixture becomes thicker over time. That time you can add hot water with the mixture. Shake it thoroughly to mix it.

Step – 5

Finally, if you find the soap in a clumpy condition, then you can apply an immersion blender to give it a whirl to blend with or without warm water. If you get the consistency that you want of this dish soap to add some essential oils. Placed in that container with flip-top squeeze & let’s start using the DIY homemade soap.

Note: use the antibacterial essential oil to get the real cleaning power of dishes. Citrus oil helps remove grease from dishes. 10 drops of lemon with 6 drops of eucalyptus will give you a lovely result. It will make the soap more enjoyable.

Commercial dish soap contains harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is responsible for creating visual effects. Not mandatory to add more cleaning power. This will help to experience the bubble effect.

Final thought

I always keep one or two bottles of homemade dish soap at any corner of my house. It’s smooth to wash my daily used or dirty dishes. This mixture has no side effect of skin dryness or others like readymade dish soap. You can add lemon, sweet orange, eucalyptus, lavender, or geranium flavor you want with the antibacterial properties to have a nice flavor.

A pleasant flavor will make it more attractive to use this mixture in the kitchen. Thes will make a change in your kitchen environment. To learn about more tips or tricks for kitchen daily life, stay with kitchenvaly.