How to Make Kitchen Aprons

How to Make Kitchen Aprons

As a cook, you must be wanting an apron at any time. But it is not possible to go to the market only for this apron frequently. So it will be better to learn how to make a kitchen apron.
As a cook, you must be wanting an apron at any time. But it is not possible to go to the market only for this apron frequently. So it will be better to learn how to make a kitchen apron.

As a cook, you must be wanting an apron at any time. But it is not possible to go to the market only for this apron frequently. So it will be better to learn how to make a kitchen apron. In this post, we will show you the pattern of different category aprons & its sewing system. A perfect shape apron can save your expensive dress to get dirty by doing kitchen work.

What is the difference between all design aprons? The basic difference is based on the wearer age & category or style. The mature size apron will not be appropriate for a kid or young age’s people. In that sense, you can use the neck adjustable apron instead of tying the nick belt or the adjustable neck of the D ring bucket. All are able to adjust according to your age, figure, or comfort.

According to the working area & the person base working section here have so many types of kitchen apron design. Here we are going to show you some easy kitchen apron sewing process, which we need to know to complete our day to day kitchen work.

How to Make Kitchen Aprons

To have a perfect size kitchen apron you need to follow the below steps one by one. By following these steps you can make an apron for you & your family members also. To have a large cooking arrangement you may need some helping hands. That time you also need those extra aprons for them. So it will be better to make some kitchen aprons for younger ones also.

Gather up all supplies

The first step is to collect all the required supplies in a place. For adult kitchen aprons you can manage a pre-washed iron fabric. If you want to use a new fabric or you have some pieces of new fabric at your home then you can also use them. To have a shorter tie you can apply a little piece of it.

But in my point of view, you should use a long length tie that can cross the back of your neck & wrap the backside. If you use a long tie, then you can wrap this tie back around on your front side to tuck the dish towel for hand wiping. To apply this method you may need 1 1/4 yards fabric.

Making a kids apron pre-washed fabric with a shorter tie will be the best comfortable option. You can use a paper to draw your pattern. Then we need to manage a big safety pin, thread, pins, & iron to make ready a perfect pattern. Here also have a rotary cutter ruler and self headline mat with bias tape maker. These are also optional.

Create a Pattern

By using a tissue or unutilized paper you can draw the pattern with exact dimensions. For some coated reason you can use the parchment paper & a pencil instead of a pen or marker. It will be two pieces of pattern one is for an apron & another for the casing.

Measuring out a perfect dimension on your paper & drawing with the armhole. Then make another pattern for the casing. With some several dots draw it beneath two inches of armhole curve. When we want to tie the belt from side to side we just need this casing piece. Now you should place another paper over your pattern to trace the boomerang curved design. If you want to make those lines more visible then you can tape this paper with a window or a sliding door during a sunny day.

After completing your drawing you can cut the figure of the pattern from the pieces of paper. One pattern for apron & then the other on for casing. Make sure that you are cutting your paper pattern from the outside edge of your drawing. Do not put the casing draw on it.

Cutting the Fabric Pieces

You can cut this piece of apron by using two ways. One is to place the fabric first then keep the cut pieces of papers on it then cut out that figure from the outside edge. In this way, the paper pieces can be displaced by your movement so you should pin the upper portion of the folding fabric. The long end portion should have folded with pins. You can make this folding from the middle portion of the aprons total length. This will make the two portions of your arms hole. You will get both sides like left armholes & right armholes in a cutting pattern.

Then comes the casing portion for your arms hole. These should be the same dimension according to the main chest part armhole. The maximum length measurement of an apron should be 30”. You can adjust this measurement according to the wearer’s measurement. I would like to take the chest part dimension 20 or 24 inches & the deep lengths of the arm side should be 10”. If you want to make a perfect round shape of arms hole then you can take 5 or 4 inches width from the arm deep length of 10”.

Here I am going to give you the mature person’s apron dimensions. The dimension of the total length of an apron should be 25 to 30 inches & the chest width can be 20 to 24 inches. Then comes the arm sides deep length 10” & the width from the depth outside 5 or 4 inches.

Then you need to make a middle point between the crossing line of the deep & width length of the arms line. From the inner side to the outer side make a 45-degree angle. Go through the line to the outer side of the arm shape nearly 4 or 3.5 inches. Then draw a round shape from the starting point of deep length then touching the middle point divider of a 45-degree angle than the finishing point of the width length.

The Lower Portion of Apron

Someone would like to use a wide shape lower portion of an apron. It can be wider than the end level of the arms end length. If you want to keep a straight length from the armrest then you can go with the same range width. If you want to make a wider range lower part of your apron then you can take more 2 inches than the chest end width. So the chest end length should be 20 & the end part of the lower portion should be 24”. Then you can make a slide curved from the chest end to the lower end.

Cutting adjustable nick & belt

From the outer side of your fabric apron length, you should cut the straight length fabric for neck portion 20” & for backside around belt 20” + 20”. So there should be three parts of the straight fabric with 2” width.

Sewing Method of the Apron Parts

After cutting the pieces of aprons you can find that there are actually 6 pieces of fabric. The first one is the cut piece of apron then the two pieces of the casing for the arm side then three pieces for the neck & back belt. Start sewing from the arm whole side with casing. left casing for the left side & the right casing for the right side. After completing the sewing from the right side you should turn it on the backside of your fabric. Fold the other end of the fabric a little inwards and then sew again.

Do the same for the other armhole casing. To get a better-curved figure you can iron that portion after sewing the first armhole. The sticking up piece with the armhole and the casing will make a cover where you can insert the neck adjustable belt. So now you should sew the neck adjustable belt portion with both backside belts by curving both side fabric towards the inner side.

If you want to make one belt to cover the whole neck side & back side belt then you can attach the three parts of the divided fabric into one piece. Then insert the sewing piece belt from the covering portion made by casing then go through the other portion of the arm side over the neck head.

There comes the finishing step. After completing the upper part sewing you need to complete the lower part sewing. Heming the bottom line of your apron you can finish this method of apron making the task at home. Just fold the bottom portions like double fold to hide your raw edge. For the corner finishing, you can fold first then pin that & sew. After sewing, you can unpin all pins. So this is all done by completing this step.

Final verdict

To make a nice quality kitchen is not a big deal while you want this with a plain simple design. But the style of the kitchen is not the same for all category people. According to their working habits, they can use different styles of kitchen aprons. If you really want to know the different category kitchen apron style then you can also visit our Let’s visit our site to know more about your kitchen accessories.