Knife Types Which are Best for Kitchen

What type of Knives is Best for the Kitchen?

The knife is one of the essential tools in the kitchen room and it is used to prepare any food from chopping ginger and onions, slicing bread, etc. There are many different varieties of kitchen type knives made for different purposes.
The knife is one of the essential tools in the kitchen room and it is used to prepare any food from chopping ginger and onions, slicing bread, etc. There are many different varieties of kitchen type knives made for different purposes.

Need to read the article before going to buy a little knife? What does it need? Yes, even if anyone wants to purchase the best knife, they should go to different websites for advice. And for this reason, here is a little idea of ​​all the knives that you will find in the market.

The knife is one of the essential tools in the kitchen room and it is used to prepare any food from chopping ginger and onions, slicing bread, etc. There are many different varieties of kitchen type knives made for different purposes. Before talking about the full guide, we will cover the different parts of the knives’ name and their activities so that you can get the best knife for your requirements.

The Different Parts of Knives

When you need to search for the best quality knife for a specific work, you need to have basic knowledge of several parts of the knife. Most basic knives have different features. The graphical below image shows the parts name to help you identify your kitchen knives.

Knife Types Which are Best for Kitchen

There are many kinds of knives in the world used for household tasks or many other fields. So we provided some information about their characteristics and using methods.

  1. Chef’s knives

Imarku Chef's knife

In cooking, a chef’s knife is known as a cook’s knife, it is a cutting tool used to prepare food and is mainly used to cut large pieces of meat. Nowadays, it has particular uses for most western cuisine. A chef’s knife usually has a wide blade length of eight inches (20 centimeters) and in width 1 1⁄2 inches (3.8 cm), which are used for slicing, mincing, and also chopping although the famous sizes are up to 8″-12″.

  1. Bread knives

The Bread knife is useful for cutting various patterns of bread. They have serrated blades that can cut soft bread without crushing it. Most of them have offset handles. Afterward, we can get bread knives 7″ to 10″ long.

  1. Utility knives

Sometimes utility knives are called a Stanley knife, a mixture of slicing and paring knives. This knife has a unique fixed blade with a scalloped edge, which is longer than paring knives suitable for regular tasks such as cutting hides, cleaning fish, scraping hides, and other tasks. It is an ideal tool for preparing different foods.

  1. Spare point paring knives

The blades of the Spear Point paring knives have a curved structure overall, so it looks similar to a spear and its spear point is used for cutting procedure, devein shrimp, or creating garnishes.

  1. Paring knives

A thin-bladed simple curved paring knife made to prune fruit like apples and cut small ingredients. It is majorly used for detailed and controlled cutting, and it has a blade between 2 1/4″ and 4 1/2″.

  1. Slicing knives

Slicing knives have long, thin blades with either a round or pointed tip, also property of Graton edges, and they are also used to cut thinner slices of roast, cooked meat such as smoked hams, fruits, and vegetables.

  1. Sheep’s foot paring knives

The sheep’s foot paring knife, which has a straight edge, rounded tip, is the best for slicing vegetables such as carrots and zucchini and perfect for chopping.

  1. Boning knives

A boning knife is a type of kitchen knife with an exclusive sharp point and a less wide blade that is a flexible or rigid alternative and is used in food making to remove the bones of meat and fish.

  1. Carving knives

A carving knife is a large knife (between 20 cm and 38 cm (8 and 15 cm) used for slicing meats like smoked ham, roasted chicken, or deep-fried turkey.

  1. Cleavers

A cleaver is a substantial big knife similar to a rectangular-bladed hatchet and used as a kitchen side or butcher’s knife for bones. The thin and lightweight blade part of this knife can be designed to cut meat, chop vegetables, and crush it.

  1. Flank and shoulder knives

Separate meat from its bones is the major function of flank and shoulder knives and their straight stiff blades are best and excellent for generating precise cuts while trimming, jointing and boning.

  1. Oyster knives

Oyster knives are often called “stabber” and are usually light, flat, narrow blades that end in a less visually appealing, flat point, and are now used in restaurants or diners to serve new shellfish, these knives are also used to open oyster shells and used to separate the meat.

  1. Galveston style oyster knives

Galveston with a broad straight-edge blade and narrow to a point, this knife is not only perfect for opening oyster shells, but the shape is designed to easily open the shell without puncturing medium and big Eastern oysters.

  1. New Haven Style Oyster Knives

New Haven-style oyster knives have a shorter and wider blade for tiny and medium type oysters and are created for serving the half oysters shell. On the other hand, its upward point prevents damaging meat inside.

  1. Providence Style Oyster Knives

They are the same as New Haven-style knives. Also, they do not have any curved heads and are best for shucking medium-shaped oysters.

  1. Cimeter Knives

The cimeter, also known as a scimitar, is a large, curved butcher’s knife, a blade typically 8-14″ long and used to cut meat as well as ready, and their curved blades are unique for cutting ribs or separating large pieces of meat.

  1. Santoku knives

Santoku knives blade is typically 13 to 20 cm long and has a flat edge and a sharp foot blade for various cooking tasks, like chopping, slicing and dicing.

  1. Petty Knives

They are used in a professional western kitchen. And they are slightly bigger than utility knives but smaller than chef knives and used as peeling, shaping, slicing fruit and vegetables.

  1. Sashimi Knives

It is used in many sushi restaurants, huge and thin-bladed leaves allow the chefs to cut the raw fish thinly and precisely without tearing the meat, and is also used for breaking large fish.

  1. Deba Knives

Japanese Deba is invented in sushi shops and is often worked as a light-duty exemption. They have average-length blades and can be useful for cleaning whole fish, beef, or chopped vegetables.

  1. Gyuto Knives

The Gyuto type knives are close to chef knives and a cutting tool used in food preparation. They are not too heavier than the chef’s knife, have a thinner edge, and have smooth push-cutting capabilities and are easy to handle.

  1. Nakiri Knives

These knives have fragile blades and sharp edges, which are best for chopping and cutting through to the cutting board without using a horizontal push or pull.


Different types of knife tools are used a lot in the kitchen and household work so they need to be adequately handled by a chef who will know perfect usage. Afterward, we believed that there’s no magic in the knives, no matter how expensive. It’s the person who uses the knives that make them worthy.