How to Unclog Kitchen Sink?

Unclogging the sink drainage is an easy task. No need to worry about it. With the help of these easy tricks, you can solve this kind of nightmare.

Waiting with a sink full of dirty water is really an unbearable condition. Every kitchen worker or home member needs to face this problem if they work unconsciously. What will be the feeling, when you are trying to clean your dirty dishes rinse thoroughly with water & cleaner but the drainage line of your sink is not working. In this helplessness what will you do? Will call a plumber?

No, you don’t need to dial the phone number of the plumber. Just read out the whole article to solve this problem on your own. Unclogging the sink drainage is an easy task. No need to worry about it. With the help of these easy tricks, you can solve this kind of nightmare.

Tools You Need

Arrange these tools before starting to unclog your kitchen sink

  • Pliers
  • Pipe wrench
  • Plunger
  • Allen wrench
  • Plumber’s snake
  • Clamps

You may need the white vinegar & baking soda also to use as the last treatment of unclogging the sink.

How to Unclog Kitchen Sink

If you can apply your common sense then the task will be easy to unclog the sink. Try all the methods by yourself. It will help you in the future when the plumber will not be available. According to my experience, I can tell you that it needs a combination of multiple methods to unclog the kitchen sink.

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How to Install a Kitchen Sink Drain

Remove all Standing Water First

To start unclogging the sink remove all stuck water. If you don’t want to get the bad smell of the stagnant water, remove it with the help of a pot & bucket. Overflow water of your kitchen sink can make the kitchen surface dirty also. If the sink has any access to running water then it will be over floated from your sink. So you should wear rubber gloves to clean this dirty water with any kind of container.

Clean all the waste things to check out the drain line clearly. If you have any garbage disposal then you should not put your hand or finger. The blade can harm your finger or the problem can be fixed without leaving any further action.

Check Disposal if You Have One

Sink with disposal needs to take some extra steps. Like if you want to enter something to check the drainage line you need to turn off your disposal line first. Then you need to stop the power switch. Usually, the particles of food can be responsible for this problem. They stuck the blades to move.

To check the inner side of the drain line you can use the flashlight. It helps to understand the type of clog jamming inside. If that clog is more valuable than food particles like jewelry then you can call a plumber. Manually operate the blades of disposal & try to break the stuck of food debris. If this method is not working or the blades are not moving then you need to apply a plunger.

N:B: Do not insert your hand or finger into the garbage disposal, the hand can be stuck there or the blades can cause serious injury as the blades are much sharper than any regular use blades.

Use a Plunger

Based on the working method you will get three types of plunger. Flat bottom for the sink, toilet plunger & accordion plunger. To continue this you need to use the flat bottom plunger. Keep a few inches of water stuck in your sink to aid suction and start the plunging.


Having garbage disposal needs to try this again afterward. Check out the disposal, it should not be overheated. That can damage your disposal. If the stuck water does not start running then plunge more times or try another method.



Under the sink, you can find an elbow shape pipeline. This is your P-Trap. Set a bucket under the place of P-Trap or the existing water of the P-Trap line can spread on the surface. Sometimes the P-Trap can be responsible for creating the blockage. So remove it & clean all the debris carefully. Do not forget to unscrew the connection between the wall & the pipeline.

Plumbers’ snake or “toilet jack”

If the plunging or the P-Trap cleaning is not working to remove the clog then you can use the plumber’s snake. Some people also know this as toilet junk. The thickness can be ¼ inch with a cracked handle. This coil base spiral snake will help you to reach down the sink drain. By using the cranked handle you can pull up all stuck clog. You can also manually cranked this snake while the power of electricity is not available or will take extra strength.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

To avoid using chemical cleaners we can use this home-based method. Take a cup of baking soda & vinegar. Pour warm water into the drain line. Now push some baking soda & leave-in that condition for 5 to 10 minutes. The next step is to pour vinegar inside the drain line. Now block the top head of the drain line with some object to stop them coming back in that way. Now the final step is to flash with some hot water again. It can not work well but you should also try this trick.

Cleaning Chemicals.

We should try to avoid this step if you have a garbage disposer. This method will ruin the blades & also the spray will back into the sink.
If you identify that after using all the above methods the drainage water totally stops, not running slowly then you can use this method. Depending on the clog or blockage you have checked or suspect you can use that chemical. Before opening the cleaner container, read the label attentively.

Call a Plumber

After using all those methods there is still no improvement or you are unable to find out the exact problem point then obviously you should call a plumber. A professional plumber can get rid of you from this problem. This will also save you time & energy. By this time if you already try all the steps one by one then it will also be helpful for the next time. And follow the working method of your plumber. You can also learn some tricks from him.


Though the cost of plumbing service is not so high. Depending on the distance they can add some extra charge for this job. But we should also learn all the tips or tricks to solve our day to day life problems. If it is all about your kitchen then you can easily ask us. To know more kitchen-related solutions you can visit our or can give your opinion through the comment box.