What is the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color For 2020?

In this article, we will focus on the best trendy colours of kitchen cabinets. To have the best kitchen capture with the brightest trend, you should follow our suggestions mentioned below. 
Kitchen Cabinet Color

Kitchen designing is an essential part of all types of trendy kitchen lovers. With the trend of their personality, they want to decorate their home also. A kitchen is a necessary place in our house. Where the maximum people of our home visit for different requirements or demands. For the sake of multiple purposes, we use our kitchen. We were cutting vegetables, washing dishes, food storage fridges, cooking, and for so many reasons. So the thing is the kitchen is the busiest place than any other room in our house. 

More uses or users’ purposes make it more critical. So to make this place flexible, attractive & comfortable is also very important. In that case, decorating our kitchen or the colour of kitchen cabinets is a big deal. In this article, we will focus on the best trendy colours of kitchen cabinets. To have the best kitchen capture with the brightest trend, you should follow our suggestions mentioned below. 

Trendy Cabinet Colour in 2020 for Your Kitchen

The significant part of a kitchen is kitchen cabinets. To store our kitchen elements, Spices, and others, we use different angle & shape cabinets. A person with good awareness will be more conscious about cabinets’ colour design. Colours always make their way to attract us. 

From so many options, you need to select the right shade based on the current trend of 2020. From the stressful & craziness of life, people are more interested in choosing the right thing in their personal life, like selecting the right colour for kitchen cabinets.  



At this current trend, we love to use the mixing of natural wood shade. Natural painted tones with woody colour can make you feel light. From the previous years, we have the experience of painting the lower part & upper part with different shades. The present trendy style has some similarities with that of past cabinets—just a little bit of change. The lower side of the cabinet will be wooden & the upper cabinets will be painted with that compulsory colour. You can use the wood grain to get the shininess of wooden colour. This mixture will show you the depth of space with texture view. This is an opportunity for the cabinet owner to add your additional colour. 


If you like to use a baldish design, then you will enjoy the matte Black colour with the colour combo of your kitchen. With the combination of white background like the wall, backsplash, countertops & others. Matte black will create a “WOW” factor with white. To make sure this WOW look you need to maintain the balance of both colour hues. For the lower cabinetry portion use the black cladding & reserved a white boundary like an island to bring the white. You can add a warm woody tone to mix down your modern colour vibe. 


Trendy designers are exploring the option of painted finishes. Wood finishes will give you a sterile & cold space by the movement of returning to extra texture. This is the comeback of the designers to the wood species & stain, which is very important to get a honey tone. The look is drastically a different look to feel like an oak cabinet. 


The combination of blue & green will create a variety of darkening & modifying grounded nature. This mixing colour outlook will make a lovely hue in the colour family. Relaxed type mind relaxing colour to have a kitchen comfort zone. When you use this colour on the cabinet parts, you should also leave the other portions of the background view with white or different light colours. But in my sense white will give you the best look with this dim darken of the combination of blue & green. 


Most of the people have a crush on the combination of Blue & white colour. This combination is lovely & has power on instant attraction for anyone. The kitchen with a traditionally all-white kitchen, this colour will create a trendy substitute. Using the Island like a visual statement is the best way to create an eye-catching accent colour. The centric focal point is the Island where you can add a pop of blue. A professional painter would like to use the White shaker cabinet to have the Island. By applying this way, you can select the exact shade with the different swatch to commit your perfect colour. 


People who like to have the feeling of an English country should use this muted colour cabinet. Most of the homeowners of the designer are moving forward by skipping the light grey or all-white colour trend. The collection of muted colours can be deep green, warm ivories, navy, and charcoal. People are very interested in running English culture or the style of western fashion. So to gravitate to the English country you can use this type of muted colour for the cabinets. 


Who likes to create an alluring & practical look with his colour selection of cabinet, Espresso cabinetry colour is the best. This colour has a revitalizing power. The deep & rich in colour will make your design too stylish. To create a lovely contrast with lighter finishers, you can use dark brown shade. Picking up the pace of a kitchen owner, this trendy look has an in-depth dramatic look against any design, if it is on the shaker door style then nothing to say at all. Multiple times better than your past ordinary flatter look. 


As a kitchen owner if you want to have a natural tone of your cabinet colour, then Distress Grey is in that list. The list of 2020 trend kitchen cabinet colour Distress Grey is the one. It will create your kitchen more dramatic than the traditional grey colour. Flawless kitchen finishing that doesn’t matter what the design scheme of your cabinets is. Stunning looks against anything like floor colour, countertop, or other design appliance—shameless appearance with any incorporate backsplash or countertop with a similar natural grey tone. Timeless looks like all the kitchen designs are visually the same. 

Final verdict

According to the all-colour vives all-white for cabinet colour was the best for some past years. But to create a new impact on the colour world of cabinets, interior designers have created some impactful hues for 2020. These are the running trendy colour kitchen cabinets. We are finding the right shade for your cabinets no need to be frustrated. To skip this frustrating process, we have focused on all trendy colour details here. By the opinion of some selected interior designers of kitchen cabinets, we have collected this stylish colour list. So, use these inspiring shades to have a soothing experience.