Kitchen Garden Crops

How to Make a Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden does not mean that it should be in your kitchen. But it can be the nearest place to your kitchen. The major reason for creating a kitchen garden is to enjoy the safe
The kitchen garden does not mean that it should be in your kitchen. But it can be the nearest place to your kitchen. The major reason for creating a kitchen garden is to enjoy the safe

The kitchen garden does not mean that it should be in your kitchen. But it can be the nearest place to your kitchen. The major reason for creating a kitchen garden is to enjoy the safe, flourish & nutritious food. If you have an option to select the kitchen space from a sunny place or a shadow place then you should select the sunny place obviously.

To get a good result from your cultivated soil you need a place where the sunlight can directly fall. If that place gets a minimum of six-hour direct sunlight then the seeds will glow very first. The fancy type people like to make a kitchen garden to get some fresh vegetables or fruits. Maximizing production is not our primary reason, maximizing the nutrition level with delicious foods is the primary reason for it.

How to Choose any Kitchen Garden Crops

We can make a nursery or bed with flowers seeds or vegetables or fruit seeds in the backyard of our kitchen. Before fixing the item you should compare some things gradually. To get some extra support or to take some fresh food tests you may plant any types of seedlings.just follow these tips to have a good kitchen garden experience.

  • Which crops grow faster & available for maximum seasons?
  • Select the plants that will encourage you to make this garden
  • Choose a kind of crop that doesn’t need more care like an infestation, more sunny place, or shadow.
  • Chance to grow multip[le crops at a place. As like seasonal vegetables or fruits.
  • Make the chance to grow herbs regularly in a nice way.
  • Variation of green crops.

How to start a kitchen garden

The basic reason to make a kitchen garden is to have some fresh eaten crops like potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflowers, cucumbers, chili, or others. To have quick access it can be near the house or kitchen. For multipurpose we can use this garden. It can reduce our shortage of fresh vegetables and expenditure. On the other hand, it can be a source of new income.

Fixed a Place

We know that any sunny spot is the best option for harvesting any plants or crops. If your kitchen backyard has a sunny place then you can easily choose it for cultivation. Sunlight helps all herbs of veg grow fast. Also, look that the place has some wind protection barrier. All herbs or veg type plants are as soft that they can lay down with the flow of strong wind.

Fixed the type & size of your garden

The place is more wide or narrow that doesn’t matter. We would like to sow multitype veg or fruit seeds. But we should calculate the square feet first. Then divide the size with desirable plants or bed size. Based on the garden location, size can be raised with containers or in the ground. For a small place, you can purchase some containers or some local kits of home improvement or for garden storage.

Prepare the soil area

Measuring all bed size for your herbs or for veg seeds you should prepare the land area with compost fertilizer. Test the HP level for acidity or alkaline level. This level of the test can be different in different soil areas. This will also indicate to you which type of crops is better for which place. Soil is the spectrum of sand & clay but you need some additional requirements for organic crops to retain moisture.

Clay needs a long time to warm up and suits all later seeds. On the other hand, light soil is good for a large quantity of manure than can avoid draining water with compost rapidly.

Separate the type of flowers & plants

According to your local growing season, you should consider all vegetable seeds which will help you to make a delicious dish. That can be tomatoes, papers, cucumbers, lettuce with other herbs. A garden can be the combination of some flowers, plants, fruits & vegetables. Multicolor will create an excellent outlook when all the plants will be mature. According to there size, color & type, you should separate all plants.

Follow the calendars for planting vegetable seeds.

While you are getting ready to start the planning of seeds then you should also keep in mind the name of running month. All month is not appropriate for all kinds of vegetables. According to the season, you should also select your crops list. If it is July then you should follow some issues like this month is the time to finish cropping and cut back the foliage. You should harvest some net soft type fruits. You can also harvest the seeds of new potatoes also.

August is ready to harvest the Chinese cabbage & oriented pak choi. So you can pick up the young & fresh production. Then you should remove all finishing crops & replace them with some growing salads. Winter is also for onions and the prune of all summer season fruits.

September is also for sowing herbs, veg, and salads. Then you can sow the lettuce, endive, and cress. Lovely time for tomato then squash and sweetcorn also. If you like to sow apple & pear then you can also start with them but you need to pick up all potatoes when the flowering will be stopped. In this way, you should also follow the other months’ base harvesting veg or fruits.

For Lacking Space go vertically

When you love to grow some home food plants no need to be worried about your small space. You can use some hanging baskets, railing top stand wall stand, and others to get some extra space. To go vertically you can use the french, cage or trellises also. This will not only save your space but also easy to maintain for watering, cleaning & picking up fruits. Air circulation also can go through all the tops or hanging baskets easily.

Important Tips: Finally we would love to give you some important tips about kitchen gardening. These will help you to maintain the kitchen garden-friendly.

Watering Frequency

Depending on your soil capacity or type you need to ensure the soak level regularly. Seeds without having a deep root need proper level care until they spread their branches. This will be also based on the types of beds. It can be a vegetable bed, fruit, or others. Fruits & vegetables are based on 70% water. Watering two or three times a day will help your beds to start establishing properly.

Before they become mature you need to take some extra care every day. Until the crops become mature you need to water them nearly six inches deep to grow properly. Being matured you just need to water them one inch deep in a week. You may need to increase or lessen the watering frequency depending on hot sandy soil or cold area.

Composting of kitchen waste

When you have decided that you will prepare a kitchen garden in the backyard of your kitchen, you can also store your kitchen wasted things in a specific place depending on their category. Store the organic things, plastic, papers,& general things in a different pot or place. Let’s segregate them like your cooking wasted, vegetables, and food waste in a different container. Then all kinds of paper wasted from the tables, reading room, classroom, old books, or notes in a different container.

Then close the containers to avoid unwanted infiltration of worms, bugs & flies. Make a garden pot to store all food waste in a place. Drill 4/5 holes around this pot so the air can be in that pot easily. Use a newspaper or tray to avoid spills. Set them at the underneath of the container. Try to maintain the balance of dry waste & wet waste by using both combinations of waste food in the bin.

To relinquish the imbalance smell of the waste bin you can add some newspaper more to make it dry. Use a rack to pill the waste frequently. To decompose it successfully you may tolerate enough aeration. After starting this process, it may take 2 to 3 months to turn this dark brown waste into compost.


To prevent soil erosion & evaporation mulching can help you. It can contain a level of water available for your plants. You can use newspaper, rotate hay, cardboards, chopped leaves & grass clippings for mulching.

Final Thought

To enjoy a healthy kitchen, a kitchen garden is a must. This can save your family members from unwanted hygiene problems or nutrition problems. Going to the market for daily cooking vegetables or fruits is not a safe option.

So if you have a little or a big space for creating a kitchen garden then you should not waste a single moment. Make that place as a source of your refreshment and nutrition. For the first time, you should not apply for this project for a long time like 2 or three years. The first time you can arrange for a year then achieving the success you should arrange this plan for a long time.