Least Expensive Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling is worth investing project homeowners need to consider. The biggest challenge that comes in is by matching your kitchen cabinets as they own a lot of impact in the overall feel of the entire kitchen space
Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling is worth investing project homeowners need to consider. The biggest challenge that comes in is by matching your kitchen cabinets as they own a lot of impact in the overall feel of the entire kitchen space. You need to get the right kind of cabinetry to have a harmonious feel throughout the entire area. Below you will learn on the available woods in the market for kitchen cabinets and have the idea of the least expensive option to consider.

Wood Cabinets

These types of cabinets are an exemplary component in every kitchen. They are accessible components among homeowners because they can be combined with almost any style of decoration. Although many cabinets are made of hardwoods, hardwoods are frequently used as veneers on a surface, such as plywood, to reduce costs. Another choice of cabinet material such as laminate and thermal foil provides the appearance of hardwood at an even lower cost.

Least Expensive Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Before deciding on wooden cabinets, you should know that they can twist effectively when the moisture content changes. For this reason, the wood must be made on all sides before it leaves the factory. Unfinished cabinets should be manufactured on-site as soon as possible to avoid deformation. Veneered cabinets are steadier than durable wood in areas with high humidity.

Wood Cabinet Features to Consider


Except for the top, veneered cabinets are likely to have better grain matching than solid wood cabinets.


In general, you are not married to the natural color of the wood. For example, the stain can mimic the color of the birch-based maple. Painting wooden cabinets is also a consistent option.


Wooden cabinets can be built with dowels or rabbits or with a dovetail. Dovetail drawers should last longer but use more wood and therefore become more expensive.

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Wood Cabinet Cost Guidelines

The cost of wood or plywood cabinets often starts at around $ 80 per linear foot, particularly in the inventory and semi-custom area. The rarest woods, crafts, etc. can cost more than $ 165 per linear foot. Cabinets that are not durable wood or veneer are usually laminated or thermal foil. Both are used as substrates. Laminate and thermo films are available in different colors and patterns, like a few that imitate wood.

Different Cabinet Materials

If you think about the overall house theme and the room you want to work with, you can narrow down your options. Various materials provide different features, so it is essential to discover the feeling you want to achieve in space. In the market, there are several materials used to make kitchen cabinets. The most popular kinds include:

  1. Natural Woods
  2. Laminate
  3. Thermofoil
  4. Stainless Steel

Although materials like laminates and thermal foils, which typically cost $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 for a 10×10 room, appear to be the best option, they may not last long. It’s not an exceptionally good idea to have to remodel your kitchen cabinets in 10 to 15 years. Stainless steel cabinet options can be long-lived, and there is little concern about them being distorted or crumbling, but they can lack heat. Starting at $ 3,300 for 10 × 10 feet of space, they’re also pretty expensive. Due to the variety of woods and value ranges, natural woods provide the ideal alternatives. They cost more than composite materials and synthetics, but are increasingly more reliable, last much longer, offer greater adaptability, allow better control over design, and are always better.

There is nothing better than natural wood for high-quality kitchen cabinets. Durable natural woods create a feeling that composite and plastic materials essentially cannot create. Considerably more, they do not deteriorate after the same time, as wooden cabinets can last up to 50 years. Design the wood countertops and have a kitchen that will last more than 150 years!

Top 5 Common Woods

Here are the different types of commonly used woods used in cabinets, making kitchen cabinets of the best quality.


These tree species occur worldwide and are, therefore, the most frequently used natural forest. They are easy to find, color and process, and exceptionally solid. These properties make oak an excellent option in any environment.

The grain of oak is enough to make it visible through all the colors stain you use. The colors of this type of wood range from dark brown to light brown. Because they go incredibly well with any shade, you can get almost any stain you need.


This type is durable, affordable, and extremely popular. Because they are available in a variety of species, they abound, making them easy to find. The shades of hickory woods can range from white to dark brown. It irregularly flaunts its common streaks and enhances its splendor and accents. Much like oak, hickory takes to light or natural stain.


Pine is another wood option known to homeowners who make their kitchen cabinets. This wood is exceptionally affordable and is usually the cheapest of the five most commonly used kinds of wood. It is used regularly for French, American, or English countries, mainly because it antiques and distresses wonderfully.

Pine gives it a yellowish cast, making it a great choice if you want to get a rustic feel in your kitchen. In particular, Pinewood has a lighter shade, but is pleasantly re-colored and enables a variety of appearances. The main disadvantage of using pine wood for your kitchen cabinets is that the wood can be prone to be scratched.


Maple is another wood that makes kitchen cabinets of excellent quality and that artisans like to use because of its flexibility. It can be recolored in any color, but always retains its beautiful natural wood grain. Even though pine is widely known as the cheapest for natural wood, many of the maple cabinets are made in Asia, as this is the area where most trees grow. Since they are made near the source, the cost can be drastically reduced and may fit your budget.

Most affordable wood for kitchen cupboards

Pine is another well-known wood choice used many homeowners renovating their kitchen cabinets. This wood is affordable and is generally the cheapest of the five most commonly used kinds of wood.