Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs

While using social media, we can see many cooking videos where people cook in an open place. After seeing these kinds of videos or shows, we draw an imaginary picture if I had one!
Outdoor Kitchen with Metal Studs

Are you thinking of building an outdoor kitchen? But don’t you have any idea? If your answer is yes, then welcome, you have come to the right place. While using social media, we can see many cooking videos where people cook in an open place. After seeing these kinds of videos or shows, we draw an imaginary picture if I had one! If it also comes to your mind, please listen to what your mind says. But at that time maybe you even think the question of how you can do it.

When this question comes to your mind, you give up thinking, and your dream nipped. That’s why we sorted some fantastic outdoor kitchen building ideas here. From this article, you will know the tools, plans, using metal studs, framing, blocking, etc. So let’s see.

Before starting, I just want to answer the question about metal studs

Why Will You Choose Metal Studs?

Metal studs are getting very popular nowadays. Because metal studs are comparatively lighter than any other frame, it is fragile. You can easily connect the studs with screws. Moreover, you will get more space using metal studs than using the wood frame. So choosing metal studs for building an outdoor kitchen is the right decision for you.

What will you add to the kitchen?

  • Wood-fired pizza oven

The pizza oven is a must for bake pizza. It can be a block base or concrete panel base.

  • Tandoor

Tandoor is needed to bake the laffas and make tandoori chicken. There remain steel spits. Steel spits are used for making the chicken.

  • Sink and prepping station

The sink is an essential part of the outdoor kitchen. You can’t always go inside the house to wash your hands and necessary things. It is too disturbing to work. So keep a sink in the outdoor kitchen.

  • A smoker

By exposing food into smoke, food becomes more flavoring. We can also preserve the food by smoking.

  • An outdoor fireplace

It is consists of a firebox and chimney. The process of building an indoor fireplace and outdoor fireplace is the same. You can use brick, stone, concrete panels for it.

  • Grill and charcoal rotisserie

Rotisserie is essential for cooking spit-roasted meat.

Choose the place: Choose a perfect place for your kitchen. The backyard of your house is the best place for outdoor kitchen will give you a new kind of freedom. There must be sufficient space in your kitchen. The tiny outdoor kitchen is so much suffocating.

  • Make a plan:

Before doing something, we just need a plan to do that successfully. Without proper planning, we cannot work correctly. So make a plan for your kitchen how you want to build it. Write the program in your diary, whatever you want.

  • Estimate a budget:

Predict a budget according to your planning. Go to the market; there are many readymade outdoor kitchens available. But the quality and flexibility can’t be ensured. There you will get a lot of ideas about the outdoor kitchen. Ask for the details of each thing that is used to build. Maybe you will think, ‘Who has the time?’ Yes, I know it is time-consuming. But to have a perfect outdoor kitchen, you have to spend some time.

  • Prepare your tools:

Before starting your building, please ready the necessary tools for your kitchen. The tools are hammer drill, metal cut of saw, level, chalk, fasteners, clamps, a lesser level

If you don’t have these. Don’t be worried. All are available in the market.

  • Line the border:

Marking important points is essential to do the decorations correctly. Take chalk and draw the line and points where you want to stick the studs.

  • Prepare the Studs:

The most important thing is the stud. You have to decide the quantity of stud you need. Typically while building the wall, one stud is needed for 300mm or 12 inches. For constructing the top and bottom use of steel tracks.

Trim the studs with snips’ jaws. Be careful while trimming. Use thick gloves to protect your hands from being injured.

  • Prepare your track:

Drill a hole first into the stud and track. Fasten them with screws. Remind you to have to start from the lower trails. If you start from the smaller tracks, you will benefit more because lower tracks support the whole weight of the project.

  • Make frame:

It is effortless to make a frame of metal studs. Measure the right length according to the marking points and cut them with snip. Use drills to join them. You have to more careful to join the studs and track. Use C-clump locking pliers for joining. The screw must be more significant than 0.5 inches.

  • Make headers:

Make metal headers by cutting the track in 2 inches longer than the opening width. Each rib of the track must be a length of 2.5 cm. Take some sheet metal rocking pliers and bend the web at 90 degrees down.

  • Concrete:

Concrete is an essential thing to make your outdoor kitchen long-lasting. Pour concrete with the frame. Without pouring concrete, the kitchen will become shaky. If you don’t have enough money to pour, concrete don’t worry. You can use a wooden base or panels instead of pouring the concrete. It is also affordable to make your outdoor kitchen long-lasting. But remember that wooden base is not as resistant as concrete.

  • Fill the uncovered space:

After doing all steps correctly, if you see there is remaining much space on the wall, you can cover it with wood blocking.

  • Connect cables:

Pull electrical cables through the structures. Use plastic for pulling cables through the structure because it can be dangerous if cables rub with metal studs.

  • Counters and veneers:

People usually use granite counters because it is very sturdy. Use veneer as you wish to have. But keep in mind that you are building an outdoor kitchen so try to use something sturdy.

  • Decorate your kitchen:

The last step is the decoration. Decorate your kitchen as you wish to do. Add the above things to make it perfect. Finally, take a look at your own made kitchen.

Well, if you buy a readymade outdoor kitchen or hire someone to build it, you have not to pay so much effort just have to invest money. But there remains a difference in satisfaction between own made and readymade. So would you build or buy a readymade one choice is only yours? We just tried to help you.